Bucket List

  1. Complete the Camino de Santiago
  2. Ride an elephant
  3. Ride the Transiberian Express
  4. Camp on a volcano
  5. Learn to scuba dive
  6. Sail from one country to another
  7. Sleep in a cave
  8. Cross 5 countries without spending a penny
  9. Trek the Inca trail
  10. Get pissed at Oktoberfest
  11. Climb Everest
  12. Skydive
  13. Witness the Northern Lights
  14. Shake hands with an ape
  15. Learn to surf
  16. Sleep on 100 sofas (couchsurfing)
  17. See all the wonders of the world
  18. Win an award
  19. Visit North Korea
  20. Meditate in Tibet
  21. Cliffdive the fuck out of a huge fucking cliff!!!
  22. Build a house for someone who doesn’t have one
  23. Meet a Mongolian hunter
  24. Travel to Easter Island
  25. Help build a school in Africa
  26. Get a traditional Ta Moko tattoo in New Zealand
  27. Gain a TEFL qualification and teach English abroad

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